Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Elsie LongdonElsie Longdon
Passed 4 driving faults
Elise — Clare has been fantastic with me! So knowledgeable and attentive but also very patient and understanding! She always kept me feeling very safe which is something I value immensely as I am an anxious driver. She encouraged me without being over bearing. The LDC materials were also helpful and I passed my theory in no time. Clare — well done an excellent pass today you have worked very hard and I told you that you could do it. Well done 🙌

Gabriela PastuszakGabriela Pastuszak
Thank you again for your help and support! You are really patient, helpful person and I felt comfy and safe on all our lessons. During the lessons I got answers on lots of my questions and you were always happy to share your knowledge with me. You are really flexible and understanding. I will highly recommended you to any of my friends and I am sure that I will never pass that test without your help! Many thanks again. Take care. Congratulations Gabby so pleased for you take care

Chelsea FeketeChelsea Fekete
First time pass
Chelsea — Clare is absolutely amazing made me confident and calm, she reassured me massively when my confidence was down and I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to do, Clare made sure I could do it. Thank you so much Clare — Chelsea it’s been a pleasure you have worked so hard and even though you said you will never pass first you did!! Very proud day for us both in such a short time, well done and enjoy your new car 🙌

Jamie NashJamie Nash
Passed and away
Clare has been an excellent driving instructor, very patient and friendly. The LDC learning resources have been very helpful and insightful. The text book covers everything you need to know. Clare — well done Jamie it’s been a pleasure stay safe and see you about

Edward HeffernanEdward Heffernan
Quality drive
Ed - very friendly and helpful in helping me gain the skill to pass my test. I would definitely recommend Clare! Thank you! Clare - congratulations it has been a pleasure stay safe see you around.

Imogen HughesImogen Hughes
Love Clare Potter I don't just look forward to driving i look forward to seeing her too 😊 She has helped me so much and I don’t know what I’d do without her. Clare - you have been brilliant and have become a fantastic driver, see you around stay safe.

Imogen HughesImogen Hughes
Love Clare Potter I don't just look forward to driving i look forward to seeing her too 😊 She has helped me so much and I don’t know what I’d do without her. Clare - you have been brilliant and have become a fantastic driver, see you around stay safe.

Fantastic driving instructor, very patient, clear with instructions. Really enjoyed my driving lessons with Clare I would recommend her 100%. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn how to drive with yourself. Clare - you have driven like a pro an amazing drive and well done. Enjoy your new car your new officially the designated driver 🙌

Jemimah Kendall Jemimah Kendall
Clare was incredible! She is so patient and always makes sure you are comfortable. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Clare is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what to do. The best driving instructor in Chester. You have been amazing huge congratulations and enjoy your freedom! No more buses.

Thomas Murphy Thomas Murphy
First time pass
5 and a half stars for Clare she’s the absolute best 100% recommend the lesson where fun Easy to understand and very helpful and I passed first Time with Clare and I’m very happy with the help and service thank you Clare you too kind 🤗 Huge congratulations 🥂 it’s been a pleasure stay safe and see you around

Bridget PedleyBridget Pedley
The lessons were good
The LDC workbook and app app where helpful at times. The lessons were good the questions Clare asked helped me to learn what I needed to know. If I didn’t understand something Clare would break it down and explain it to me. Clare - an amazing achievement you did it and beat the anxiety. Enjoy and stay safe

Evan PerryEvan Perry
First time pass
I really enjoyed my lessons with Clare, she was friendly and easy to understand and communicate with. Clare gave concise and clear instructions.

Kim Hughes Kim Hughes
First time pass
Kim — my instructor is fab!! Clare is very patient, the app is wonderful, Clare is a credit to LDC. Clare — an amazing achievement Kim, very well done you were so nervous but powered through and got the pass first time. Enjoy your holiday take care.

Jack PriceJack Price
Cracking pass
Clare was very easy to talk to Lessons were really good fun and easy to understand Asked me lots of questions to help me understand 2nd time pass highly recommended Jack - you have been a pleasure, another cracking pass well done 👏. Off can shopping for you, stay safe see you around 🎉🙌

Jack PriceJack Price
Cracking pass
Jack - 5 Star Clare was very easy to talk to Lessons were really good fun and easy to understand Asked me lots of questions to help me understand 2nd time pass highly recommended Jack - you have been a pleasure, another cracking pass well done 👏. Off can shopping for you, stay safe see you around 🎉🙌

James Corker James Corker
Semi intensive
James - good instructor and good resources Clare - congratulations James enjoy your freedom and take care !

Lloyd KershawLloyd Kershaw
The LDC system is perfect
Lloyd - The LDC system is perfect for someone who wants to take control of their learning. It is very reflective and the support you get is incredible. Clare is an absolute credit to LDC and is a brilliant instructor. Clare is calm and thorough. I have been with two previous instructors but have never felt I could pass the test. However, Clare help me overcome this negative mindset and passed the test with only 3 minors! If I can do it, you definitely can, especially with Clare!! Clare - I am so very proud of you, what a lovely drive. You have worked so hard and overcome your anxiety and negativity. What a result you passed in time to start your new job. Good luck in the new job and for the future. See you around stay safe 🙌🙌🎉

Ceri EdwardsCeri Edwards
Another pass for Buckley
Ceri - I am a very panicky person but Clare was able to always keep me calm during my driving lessons. She is an excellent instructor with a heart of gold. I can’t thank Clare enough for helping me pass my driving test! Clare - Ceri it’s been a pleasure. Huge congratulations to you so glad it’s going to help you commute to your work placements. Best of luck for the future! 🎉

Jess BoothJess Booth
First time pass
Jess - I found all the lessons helpful and the online LDC portal helped me set goals and understand what I was working towards. In lessons I was able to gain confidence whilst also cleaning up my driving. Clare helped me feel comfortable behind the wheel and I never felt uneasy whilst driving with Clare. Jess - well done what an amazing drive, first time pass. He’s had already been driving when she started so in her words she needed to finesse her skills which achieved very well. Congratulations 🥳 stay safe

Ryan EvansRyan Evans
Past in may 23
Ryan - Clare has been a brilliant instructor, she has taught me in a very calm and relaxed manner. This helped me a lot in remaining calm and being less anxious during lessons. Thanks to Clare’s teaching I now feel very confident in my driving ability. I thoroughly recommend Clare to anyone learning to drive. Clare - Ryan completed a semi intensive course. We covered 4 hours a week and Ryan learnt very quickly. So pleased you have passed congratulations and see you around 🙌

Darren EvansDarren Evans
First time pass
Darren — Clare made my driving very easy because I had never drove before. She was very clear on instructions and very helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs driving lessons. The LDC workbook was very helpful!! Clare — early start to the day but what a result 😊semi intensive course over 8 weeks with the end result being a first time pass with only one driving fault. Congratulations Darren cracking job 🙌

Kai PoyntonKai Poynton
Smashed it no driving faults
Kai — very good instructor really knowledgeable, super friendly and calming. The resources given were excellent there is some really good stuff in the LDC workbook. Clare was excellent throughout and has been very supportive. Clare — what an amazing drive no driving faults super smooth, what amazing feedback from the examiner. Huge congratulations stay safe and see you around 🙌

Michael UptonMichael Upton
Passed and free
Michael— really good lessons, Clare was a new instructor to me and I found some lessons challenging but the questions helped me to understand what to do. Clare was amazing the LDC workbook was helpful lots to look at. The app was good although new it was well presented and easy to use. Clare — Michael you have been a pleasure congratulations on your pass and enjoy your freedom.

Lee PrestonLee Preston
First time pass
Lee — couldn’t have done it without Clare thank you so much! Clare — you definitely kept me laughing enjoy car shopping see you about, stay safe 😁

Natasha PaytonNatasha Payton
We beat the nerves
You’re given a helpful free book and app to use to help you practice your theory, track your progress, and reflect on your lessons. Areas that needed improvement were highlighted to me in the LDC workbook so that I could read through the information before next lesson. Clare is a wonderful instructor who is very friendly and makes you feel at ease. She knows how to help you deal with and overcome your anxiety. Since driving with Clare, my confidence and driving ability have improved 10 fold. I would highly recommend her to anyone, and I will genuinely miss having lessons with her. Clare — Tash you have worked so hard to combat those terrible nerves you have brilliant and I will miss our lessons too. So very pleased that you have passed congratulations and stay safe 😁

Ffion MillingtonFfion Millington
Not only easy but fun!
Ffion — My instructor was kind and patient each lesson and centred my learning on how I learn best. Clare explained everything thoroughly and made learning not only easy but fun! The LDC workbook and app were a big help with learning both my theory and practical skills as well as the YouTube videos. Clare — huge congratulations what a lovely drive. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I wish you the very best in the future 😁

Liv DavisLiv Davis
One driving fault
The LDC workbook is very useful for in between lessons. The videos are as well to help remind myself of different techniques such as manoeuvres. The lessons where good, Clare was very nice and patient when I would get things wrong and talk it through with me. The LDC app was useful for my theory practice and hazard perception practice. Thanks Clare! Congratulations Liv, well done excellent pass what a great job. Enjoy your driving and your own car, all the best. Clare

Charisma Potter-JonesCharisma Potter-Jones
Passed, only 4 driving faults
I enjoyed every lesson with Clare, she has been a fantastic teacher and even better listener. Clare supported and guided me throughout the whole journey subsequently make the test feel like a breeze. The LDC workbook and the app where really helpful too. I would highly recommend Clare for your lessons!

Martyn RaineMartyn Raine
Passed with only 1 fault
Martyn — Clare has been a very good and informative instructor. She has been patient and really supportive of my anxiety. The lessons where relaxed and enjoyable, Clare is easy to talk too. The LDC app and workbook where really helpful. Overall a really good learning journey.

Clare — congratulations on your pass, a great drive with only one driving fault. I am very pleased for you and your family. It’s been a pleasure working with you, enjoy car shopping 🙌

Jake ParryJake Parry
Passed and independant
Clare has been absolutely brilliant, really couldn't ask for more from an instructor. Clare has been so patient and helpful to identify areas for improvement. The LDC materials have also been a great help, really good for reference. Thanks so much! Clare -- Well done Jake lots of hard work. brilliant drive and congratulations to you on passing!

William OleshkoWilliam Oleshko
1st time pass
William; Everything made clear, easy to understand and really enjoyable lessons. The LDC workbook was extremely useful. Clare; Congratulations William it has been a pleasure well done on your first time time pass, well deserved after all your hard work.

Joseph LittleJoseph Little
Passed and independant
Joseph; I started learning to drive with Clare at the end of August 2022, with total anxiety and horrendous nervousness about being on the road. 3 months later I had passed with total confidence. Clare has a great sense of humor which helps put you at ease, especially when doing the first few nerve riddled lessons. She was really flexible with learning times as I have work and a family life, which could have proved difficult to fit lessons in. On our lessons, Clare went through all the practical parts of driving, but more importantly, asks you as a learner loads of questions of which help drill home the understanding of what you are doing. Clare was patient with me in all aspects of driving, especially if something proved tricky. I've been driving now for around 5 months, and I am completely confident on any journey. Clare doesn't just teach you to pass your test, she prepares you to have confidence on all roads, in any place 👍 Cheers Clare, it was a pleasure. Clare; It was a great pleasure to have worked with you and to see how happy you where in your achievement in such a short time. You had great dedication to homework and determination to achieve your goals, and we covered a huge amount in a short time. Congratulations and stay safe 🙌